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Peoria AZ Home Renovations & Custom Design Builds

If you love the neighborhood and curb appeal of your current home, but want to upgrade your space, our home renovation services in Peoria, AZ, would be the best choice for turning your dream home into a reality. Custom Design Build & Remodel provides high-end remodeling services for clients who require complete floor-to-ceiling remodeling services for their bathroom, kitchen, or any other area of their home. To provide you additional space and stylish changes, we can modify your countertops, flooring, cabinets, wall color, and even build new room additions. Call our professionals at 480.847.2750 right away to arrange a free consultation. If your home designs don’t meet your expectations or you’re wishing for a fresh appearance that’s both aesthetically pleasing and practical, a professional home renovation could be just what you need! When working with our team of experts, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Renovate Your Peoria AZ Kitchen

Are you happy with your current kitchen’s performance and visual appeal, or does it fail to meet your standards? If you’re longing for a chance to rejuvenate your space, hiring experts to redesign your kitchen is the solution. Your home is both a reflection of who you are and your most prized possession, so you should invest in the best in the business for your kitchen renovation project. Our team of experts at Custom Design Build & Remodel will handle any size task utilizing the best materials, years of expertise, and acquired skills. Choose your favorite countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and other features to create the kitchen of your dreams from the hundreds of customization options available to you. We’ll put our Peoria, AZ, professionals to work making your vision a reality.

Custom Kitchen Design

One of the most crucial factors to consider when redesigning your home is the design and layout of your kitchen. Would you like having a large kitchen island in the middle? How about custom-made fixtures or cupboards that reach the ceiling? For residential properties in Peoria, AZ, our team at Custom Design Build & Remodel specializes in kitchen design services. A new kitchen layout gives options to enhance your storage capacity, appliance needs, and requirements for entertaining family and friends in addition to improving the general flow of your home. Use our expertise in custom kitchen design to help you raise the value of your property and satisfy your desire for a new and improved space.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the area of your house that is used the most. A kitchen that can produce meals for your family’s breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and special occasions is something that is essential for your home. Custom Design Build & Remodel specializes in renovating and modernizing kitchen areas for houses in Peoria, AZ. We’ll gladly discuss your options for new lighting fixtures, countertops, cabinets, appliances, and even minor upgrades like paint and hardware. Our design team consistently partners with quality manufacturers to obtain the exact styles you need because we understand how crucial it is to make your kitchen function properly and accommodate your daily routine. We guarantee you will love your updated kitchen!

Build Your Peoria AZ Dream Bathroom

With the help of our renovation services, Custom Design Build & Remodel in Peoria, AZ, can transform your bathroom into a sanctuary. Why accept outdated decor and furnishings in one of your home’s most frequently used rooms? Instead, you can have a stylish, clean space that can feel like an oasis in your own home. You can choose everything from brand-new fixtures and flooring to countertops and custom showers with the assistance of our team of design specialists. Sharing your creative ideas with our professionals during the remodeling process will allow us to respect your preferences for colors, themes, and designs. Thanks to our bathroom remodeling, the value of your property will increase, your clutter will diminish, and you’ll spend less on leaky, inefficient plumbing systems. Besides practical considerations, it wouldn’t be your ideal bathroom without your own unique touches. We want you to claim this room as your own personal space, so let us present all your customization possibilities to ensure you get the dream bathroom you’re envisioning.

Custom Room Additions For Your Home Peoria AZ

Instead of moving to a new home when you’re wishing for more space, think about investing in a room addition or expansion from our professionals in Peoria, AZ. If you need blueprints and remodeling plans to add a new room to your house, Custom Design Build & Remodel has an experienced team of construction and design specialists, as well as a fully licensed contractor. We provide a range of adaptable solutions to suit your needs, whether you require a guest room or want to increase the size of your existing living room or kitchen. Get in touch with our team right away if you’re thinking of expanding your house. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how much our specialized services can transform your home. Why go through the hassle of moving when you can work with the lovely home you already have and make upgrades to improve it to your specifications? Together with our knowledge and skill, your creativity will help you achieve your dream home.

garage renovation contractor peoria arizona

Garage Remodeling
Peoria AZ

It is imperative to have an outdoor space where you can store your tools, vehicles, and outdoor equipment, regardless of whether your garage is connected to your house or separate from it. From repairing your concrete flooring to adding units for more outdoor storage, our experts at Custom Design Build & Remodel provide professional garage renovation services for homes in Peoria, AZ. Our specialists have the knowledge to design your garage in a way to make the best use of your available space or expand to grant you more room for your needs. As part of your remodeling consultation, you can discuss your design preferences with our contractor to help you come up with solutions for a garage restoration that fit within your budget. We promise to deliver quality results while maximizing the usefulness and convenience of your garage. Your satisfaction with our work is our top priority.

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Custom Closets
Peoria AZ

Are the closets in your house large enough to accommodate everything you need? Do you wish for a larger closet or one with more options for improved organization? If so, get in touch with Custom Design Build & Remodel because our group of experts are always available to discuss your choices for maximizing your current closet space. We could add shelving or expand your closet to provide more storage options. You might think your options are limited, but after talking to one of our professionals, you’ll realize just how many choices you have. If you put your faith in us, we’ll always prioritize your home in Peoria, AZ, and deliver exceptional results that will both meet your needs and exceed your highest expectations. Closets provide the space where you select your outfit so you’re ready to face the day, so start your mornings off right with the best possible closet space.

Why Choose Us for Your Home Renovation in Peoria AZ?

You could be wondering why you should pick our business for your Peoria, AZ, home remodeling job. At Custom Design Build & Remodel, we have been in the home remodeling business for more than 35 years.

We take pride in our accomplishments and reputation for success because we are one of the few companies with employees who are licensed in general contracting, plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical work. We firmly feel that we are the best option for your next renovation project due to our substantial qualifications and experience. Even if floor-to-ceiling renovations are necessary, we can handle any high-end job. Put your trust in us and your faith will be rewarded. As a fully accredited company through the Better Business Bureau, we can promise the highest-quality results that are made to last. To arrange your initial consultation with one of our specialists, contact our team today and start the process of realizing your next home improvement project.

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Beginning a full home restoration project might be overwhelming to some homeowners. Thankfully, working with our team of design and renovation professionals will guarantee a stress-free experience that will leave you eager to enjoy your newly improved house. Homeowners in Peoria, AZ, can collaborate with Custom Design Build & Remodel to get complete floor-to-ceiling renovation services with upscale finishes and exceptional craftsmanship. Contact our team at 480.847.2750 to talk about your renovation goals and budget so we can turn your ideal home into a reality. We’ll establish a fair estimate after doing a thorough evaluation of your house that fits within your renovation budget. You can always trust us to deliver superior quality work on every job.

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