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Custom Kitchen Remodeling & Cabinetry Design Services

One of our specialties at Custom Design Build & Remodel is our kitchen renovation and design services. We work with homeowners throughout the Phoenix Metro area to create top-to-bottom custom kitchen spaces that completely transform the look and feel of your home. Our team has decades of experience providing high-end flooring, countertop, cabinetry, and even plumbing services in every one of our projects. Start your kitchen remodel today when you book a design consultation with our contractor.

Start Designing Your Dream Kitchen Today!

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Kitchen Design

The layout of your kitchen is essential to your everyday lifestyle. If you barely have the counter space to cook let alone entertain, something needs to be done to create function in the most used area of your home. Our kitchen design services in the Phoenix Metro area office customizable cabinets, storage, countertop, and even hardware options that optimize the flow of your home. Our contractor will sit down with you to help find quality products that fit your appliances, overall design, and everyday needs. Create the kitchen of your teams by calling our team to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your remodeling goals and budget.

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Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinetry is something every homeowner wants in their home. There are hundreds of design options to choose from, not to mention colors, finishes, and wood selections that will make your cabinetry truly unique. Make a statement in your kitchen by choosing Custom Design Build & Remodel in the Phoenix Metro area. We work with clients to find the perfect shelving options that fit their storage needs. From custom spice cabinets to exposed shelving, our team is here to assist in your kitchen remodel with custom cabinet selections you can’t find anywhere else. Learn More

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Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island offers several benefits to homes in the Phoenix Metro area. The increased counter space for small appliances, meal prepping, and entertaining is unmatched by kitchens with single countertop spaces. Custom Design Build & Remodel specializes in kitchen island redesign and installation for residences throughout Arizona. Customize everything from your countertop and cabinetry to your sink and faucet finishes. Let our team build a custom island for your kitchen during your floor-to-ceiling remodel. 

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Hardware & Fixtures

Minor details to your kitchen remodeling project such as the cabinet hardware and light fixtures make more of a difference than you may think. Many homeowners wait until the last few weeks to make decisions about their kitchen hardware until they realize just how many options are on the market. At Custom Design Build & Remodel, our designers will help you find matching hardware options for your cabinets and light fixtures from our name brand manufacturers. Choose from several color, finishing, and style options on the market.

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Custom flooring options are perfect for bringing your kitchen design to life. Are you looking for hardwood options to flow throughout the entire house? What about tiles that are hand-laid by our experienced team? Regardless of which flooring option you’re wanting in your kitchen, Custom Design Build & Remodel offers hundreds of customized options for you to choose from. We make sure to educate our clients on which flooring options are best for spills, maintenance, and cleaning, and which ones are the most to upkeep. All of our flooring products are durable, long-lasting, and come in a range of prices to match your budget.

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Bring your kitchen design to life with custom backsplash options from Custom Design Build & Remodel in the Phoenix Metro area. We work with quality tile manufacturers to give homeowners unlimited tile and grout options to choose from. Start by selecting the material you’re wanting to pair with your countertops and cabinetry, then work with our contractor to find a cut, texture, design, and grout color that matches your aesthetic. Our quality backsplash options prevent water, grease, and other materials from harming the wall behind your sink or countertop. To choose between hundreds of tile backsplash designs, contact our team today to discuss your remodeling project.

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Paints & Stains

Customize the look and feel of your brand-new kitchen with quality paints and wood stains from Custom Design Build & Remodel. Our team uses high-end primers, paints, and stains to customize the walls and cabinetry during your kitchen remodel. Instead of replacing your already well-maintained cabinets, our team will offer to paint or stain the cabinets to give your kitchen a new, updated look that provides long-lasting results. Many homeowners choose between a satin or semi-gloss finish for their kitchen; however, we offer several finishes and colors that are great choices for preventing stains, dirt, and bacteria growth.

Light Fixtures

Finalize your kitchen remodeling project with custom light fixtures that enhance your design. Whether you’re needing electric rewiring to add recessed lighting to your ceiling, or are just wanting to replace your outdated chandelier, Custom Design Build & Remodel is the leading choice for homeowners when looking to add quality light fixtures to their home. We offer a wide range of lighting options for homeowners to choose from, along with custom color and style options that match their new design. Custom light fixtures are the perfect way to add uniqueness and functionality to your kitchen space.