Custom Countertops

Custom Kitchen & Bathroom Countertop Design Services

Invest in quality countertops for your kitchen or bathroom with design assistance from Custom Design Build & Remodel in the Phoenix Metro area. Choose from natural stone and butcher block options that match your design aesthetic and your budget. Our contractor has over 35 years of remodeling and design services to help you find the perfect option for your residence. Our manufacturers supply a variety of countertop designs, colors, cuts, and finishes to make your selection truly unique to your home.

customized natural stone countertops for kitchen and bathrooms near the phoenix metro area in arizona

Natural Stone

Natural stone countertops are the best options on the market for  remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. With several high-end options such as granite, marble, quartzite, and solid surface, our custom natural stone countertops are the perfect choice for your remodeling project. There is minimal maintenance required to keep your natural stone surfaces in great condition, and they can withstand day-to-day accidents such as knife slips or hot spills. Contact our remodeling team today to learn more about our natural stone countertops and discover the customization options available at our Phoenix Metro warehouse.

custom quartz countertops for bathrooms or kitchens in mesa arizona


Nonporous countertops such as quartz are excellent options for bathroom vanities and countertops for kitchen islands. At Custom Design Build & Remodel, we supply several styles, colors, and textures of quartz countertop options from our industry manufacturers. We sit down with our clients to find the perfect quartz countertop option to fit their new home design while making the entire process as customizable as possible. Quartz is extremely low maintenance, highly durable, modern, and offers a much wider selection to choose from than other materials such as marble.

solid surface countertop contractor near phoenix arizona

Solid Surface

Solid surface countertops are one of the best options for homeowners looking to update the hard surfaces in their kitchen or bathroom. Our solid surface countertops are impact-resistant, easy to clean, and require very little routine maintenance to keep in excellent condition. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current stone countertops or are wanting to replace your worn laminate, we work with manufacturers that offer several options and finishes for you to choose from. Completely customize your home’s hard surfaces when you choose Custom Design Build & Remodel in the Phoenix Metro area in Arizona.

butcher block countertop installation contractor in the phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona

Butcher Block

If you’re looking for a more unique look, butcher block is becoming a popular choice for homeowners seeking a rustic but modern look to their kitchen or bathroom. While butcher block is softer than natural stone countertops, it can easily last longer than 20 years with regular maintenance. Our custom butcher block countertops are available in a wide range of color, design, and finishing options to fit any interior, while also coming in a wide range of pricing options to fit your budget. Butcher block has natural anti-bacterial properties that prevent bacterial growth much better than stone or laminate. Customize your butcher block countertops with Custom Design Build & Remodel.