Room Additions

Custom Room Additions from Custom Design Build & Remodel

If you’re looking for a solution to your minimized storage space, Custom Design Build & Remodel in the Phoenix Metro area offers room addition remodeling services to residential homes. We help families increase their home’s square footage by seamlessly adding separate living spaces that exceed their needs. Whether you’re needing an extra bedroom for your growing family, or a separate living space to call your own, our design team is here to build your room addition to perfectly match your home’s aesthetic.

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Additional Room

Many homeowners believe the only solution to a smaller home is finding a new place to live. In reality, adding a room addition to your current home along with design updates is not only more affordable, but it provides a complete solution to your lack of space. Our goals at Custom Design Build & Remodel are to increase your living space to create functionality while meeting the needs of your family. We specialize in high-end remodels with top-of-the-line equipment and products to make your home feel like new when your project is complete. Get started on your room addition renovation by scheduling a free consultation today.

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Sunrooms are perfect for enjoying the outside within the comfort of your home. Whether you are wanting a sunroom for year-round lounging or plan to start an in-home garden, custom-built sunrooms are the perfect addition to any home. A sunroom helps bring in natural light while having weather-sealed framing and windows to make it enjoyable even on cold Arizona days. Custom Design Build & Remodel offers sunroom additions to residential properties in the Phoenix Metro area. Contact our team to discuss your design needs for a sunroom addition in the Phoenix Metro area.

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Guest House

If you have extra space on your property to spare and frequent visits from family and friends, a guest house is a must-have room addition to your home. We know how important it is to have additional space for accommodating visitors. Instead of sharing a single bathroom or moving around family members to make space, a guest house is an affordable solution to hotel stays. It provides a relaxing, personal experience while adding significant value to your property. Reach out to our contractor in the Phoenix Metro area to learn more about our guest house room addition services.

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One of the benefits that come with choosing our team for your room addition remodel is our top-to-bottom services. This means that we handle everything from pouring the concrete foundation for your add-on and rerouting any plumbing systems to designing the layout to match your home’s aesthetic. Our contractor has over 35 years of experience setting concrete foundations for residential room additions in the Phoenix Metro area. From excavation to mixing and pouring the concrete mixture, you can count on Custom Design Build & Remodel to ensure the stability and safety of your room addition.

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Framing your home’s room addition is where the design of your remodel comes into play. In this part of your renovation project, our team will use highly detailed blueprints of your custom build to frame the layout of your walls, windows, and doors for your room addition. Framing is essentially creating the skeleton of your room addition that brings the design to life. Our contractor and design team have decades of combined experience in construction and remodeling to provide expert framing services for your room additions in the Phoenix Metro area. To learn more about our contraction processes, contact us today.


While the design of your room addition is most anticipated by homeowners, roofing is an essential part of the construction process that must be performed by experts. Our team of building specialists provides quality roofing framing and installation for home remodeling projects throughout Arizona. We ensure that your roof matches the current look and design of your home to create a seamless addition that flows perfectly with your property. Our contractor will help you choose the shape, design, and roofing material that works with your vision and budget.